If My Town Could Talk…

Moving Mountains is thrilled to support an educational collaboration between schools in Wales and Peru, called “If My Town Could Talk…”. This exciting initiative is led by a passionate team of educators, researchers, and creative practitioners, in conjunction with undergratudate students and local authorities. Together, we aim to foster a sense of community, promote multilingualism, care for the environment in valley settlements, and showcase the rich tapestry of identities that make up our global society. 

The collaboration creates international links between Rhyd y Grug Primary School in Aberfan, South Wales, with schools in Yungay province, Peru. With the support of Scarlet Design, MFL Mentoring, and Jesús Cossío, the children at these schools will create talking maps of their towns which tell stories from the community. The maps will be used as pedagogical resources in knowledge exchange activities that centre on intangible heritage, collective memory, and multilingual language learning.

Both Aberfan and Yungay were the sites of tragic landslide disasters two generations ago. They are communities that teach us about dignity, resilience, and perseverance. They are also valley settlements that boast vibrant ecosystems and dynamic local histories. “If My Town Could Talk” celebrates these places in all their beauty and complexities, serving as a testament to the power of community, education, and multilingualism in shaping the future of our children.

“If My Town Could Talk…” aligns with Curriculum for Wales 2022 in fostering the formation of ethical, informed citizens, equipped with knowledge about Wales and Wales’ place in a global future. The resources created by the collaboration will be left as legacies to the schools, supporting the provision of multilingual teaching across all Key Stages. In sharing their talking maps with children at their partner school, the children will learn vocabulary in Spanish, Quechua, English, and Welsh.

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