Aberfan Cemetery

A special section of Aberfan Cemetery is dediated to the people who lost their lives in the tragedy. A mass funeral was held for 81 children and 1 women on October 27, 1966. The distinctive archway headstones can be seen from a distance in the surroundings.

In 2007, it was decided that the headstones should be replaced. They were made from limestone and had begun to derioriate. White granite was used to replicate the headstones to ensure that they would remain durable and distinctive. An enclosed garden is built nearby as a place for remembering the victims of the disaster.

In November 2023, we organised a series of workshops with the Rhyd y Grug Primary School in Aberfan. We divided the children into groups and explored different places in the town. One group visited the Community Centre, others explored the River Taff, the memorial and the Cemetery of Aberfan.

We asked the children to tell us stories of how they relate to these places. Some of them shared that relatives are buried in the cemetery, including victims of the disaster.

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